We need new, better leadership at City Hall

Toronto is a great city, but our city government is holding us back. It’s time for a new generation of leadership at City Hall.

We need a City Hall that thinks long term, engages with local neighbourhoods, is honest about the challenges we face, and is prepared to make – and pay for – investments in our future. 

Ward 18 is home to some of Toronto’s best examples of citizen-led city building, such as Dufferin Grove park, the West Toronto Railpath, FoodShare Toronto and Dundas West Fest. Who better to lead the way towards a better City Hall? 

I've spent most of my career working to make our public institutions work better for the citizens they serve, and I want to bring this experience to City Hall.  

Please contact me at any time with ideas on ways Ward 18 and our city can work better, and sign up for email updates and for more information on how to contribute.

Sincerely yours,